Swim Team FAQ

  1. How do I sign up for Swim/Dive team? There will be a form on this website. Another place is the front desk at the pool, once the pool is opened.
  2. Is there an additional charge for Swim and Dive Team? Yes, Pricing is listed on the form. All Swim and Dive parents must “volunteer” to do the number of work requirement slots if your child is participating.
  3. Who can be on the Swim/Dive team? You must be a member of Pleasant Hill Swim Club. Be able to swim. It is preferred if the swimmer can swim the full length of the pool. Younger swimmer at least half the length of the pool. 6 and under see question 4. Swimmers do not need to know all strokes. Swim coaches will help with that. Divers must be able to jump off of the board and swim to the side of the pool on their own. Be willing to try the dives with instruction.
  4. What is the youngest a Swimmer/Diver can be? For swimming we have evaluations. Can be as young as 4.  All 6 and unders that have not been on the Swim Team before needs to be evaluated to see if they can be on the Team. If not, Swim lessons would be a good option. Divers, it is at the Head Dive Coach’s discretion. Please Speak with the Head Dive Coach.
  5. What if not a strong swimmer but over 6 yrs old? In most cases it will be fine as long as they can swim. Swim team helps to make your swimmer a better, stronger swimmer. You can do the trial week to let the swimmer and the coaches figure out together if more swim training is needed.. For Dive they need to be able to swim to the side of the pool on their own in somewhat of a timely manner.
  6. What is my Swimmer/Diver cannot be at all practices and meets? This is a recreational team. We understand that there are camps and other activities. If you will not be there to start the season, be sure and sign up. Just let your coaches know you will be missing some practices. We sign into meets, you can miss meets, but it would still be a good idea to let your coach know you will not be at a meet.
  7. My Swimmer/Divers does not want to do the meets? The swimmer or diver do not have to do the meets. It is encouraged that they do so, it is part of the fun and getting to know your fellow team mates. But regardless of whether the swimmer or diver does a meet or not, the parents are still obligated to do all of the number of work requirement slots that everyone else on the team is required to do.