Pool Parties:  To have a party, meaning more than just a few guests, you need to make a reservation and put down a $25 deposit.  This deposit holds picnic tables for you for the specified time and day, ensuring your place.  Each guest is still $5 per person.  After the party is over, you will receive your deposit back if the area was cleaned up after you used it and nothing was broken or damaged.

Pool Rules.  The following list is posted at the swim club.

  • No swimming when lifeguard is not in chair
  • Kiddie pool reserved for children five years and younger
  • No running, pushing, wrestling, etc around pool area
  • No glass containers
  • No hanging on ropes
  • Only one person at a time on diving board – must jump straight off
  • No running off high board to splash lifeguard
  • Tables and lounge chairs are reserved for adults
  • No water guns or noodle squirters
  • Floats permitted at lifeguard discretion
  • No throwing people or having people on shoulders in pool
  • No tennis balls or basketballs in pool
  • No fraternizing with on-duty lifeguards
  • No pets
  • Please clean area before leaving

Members should be familiar with all of the Rules and Regulations.

Pleasant Hill Swim Club Rules 2016

Privacy.  Pleasant Hill Swim Club values the privacy of its members.  All collection of personal data is for the sole purpose of conducting pool business.  No transfer of data to third parties will be authorized without prior approval of individual members.  Members/employees who misuse personal data will be subject to disciplinary action to include expulsion/dismissal.  The Board is the final authority on such matters.